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Since 1964.

We are dedicated to driving the future of education by supporting the leaders and professionals of today and tomorrow. Our focus is on contributing to the growth of individuals who understand the importance of public good and are committed to building it through their actions. At IPS Academy, we define leadership as more than just holding a position of power; it’s about genuinely caring for and committing to building public good. It is about standing up for values that matter and striving for the betterment of society as a whole, where equal opportunities is the condition to freedom. Our academic ethos centres around information and communication, editorial policies and interactive networks. We firmly believe in the power of knowledge and communication to shape society and bring about a positive impact. Continue

Values that lead us


Empowerment of independent media

"Empowering independent, free and pluralistic media is key to a healthy democracy. It promotes transparency, diversity of opinions, and informed public decision-making. Support can be financial, legal, or through capacity-building. It's our shared duty to uphold media and journalists freedom."


Focus on technology for the benefit of all

"We advocate for technology that benefits everyone. Our vision is a future where innovation fosters equality and prosperity, regardless of one's location or status. This commitment drives us to create accessible, inclusive, and impactful solutions."


Comprehensive understanding of AI and technology's impact on media consumption

AI and technology have reshaped media consumption. They've made content more personalized and accessible through AI-driven recommendations and distribution. However, challenges like data privacy and fake news persist. Understanding these impacts is key in our evolving media landscape.


Development of responsible use of technology in the media landscape

"Responsible use of technology in the media is crucial. It involves respecting privacy, promoting transparency, and avoiding misinformation. This enhances information quality, fosters public trust, and contributes to an informed society."

See our ideas come to life

Experience the transformation as our ideas spring into action, integrating a unique methodology that includes on-the-job capacity building, critical revision of news structures and information sources. We empower local trainers and foster a dynamic synergy between media and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

Ricardo Grassi

President and Director General

Alessandra Bonanomi

Executive Coordinator

Robin Raz

Lead Research Strategist


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